The Ministry Vol 10 No 01

In order to be for the Body of Christ, we must belong to a specific local church. We always consider that the universal Body of Christ is wonderful, but it seems that the local churches are never wonderful. Not one church is perfect or ...

The Ministry  Vol  10  No  01

This issue of The Ministry contains a complete record of the twelve messages given during the 2005 winter training on the Crystallization-study of the Building of God, held December 26-31 in Anaheim, California. The crucial truth and burden embodied in these twelve messages may be summarized in four statements: (1) The building of God is the processed Triune God wrought into us so that under His continual dispensing we become His enlargement, expansion, and corporate expression. (2) The three tabernacles--the type of the tabernacle, the reality of the tabernacle, and the consummation of the tabernacle--reveal the goal of God's economy to have a corporate people to be His dwelling place for His expression and representation in eternity. (3) The intrinsic element of the work of the divine building is to minister the building and builded God into others for the building up of the Body of Christ. (4) The desire of God's heart is the building of God into man and the building of man into God for the building of a great corporate God-man, the New Jerusalem. These messages are being published immediately following the training in order that they may benefit the saints participating in the many video trainings that are held throughout the earth. The Reports section includes an update on the purchase of the Bower House property in England and highlights on how the new facility is being used to carry out the burden of the work in Europe. In the Announcements section we include the 2006 schedule of European and Middle Eastern events as well as a calendar, giving the dates and locations of the seven Living Stream Ministry conferences and trainings--the seven annual feasts--for 2006. One cannot measure the benefits derived during these feasts from the Lord's rich speaking in His ministry and the mutual blending and building up of the saints and the churches in the Lord's recovery from every continent.

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