52 Ways to Nature Washington

The trail hugs Boulder River most of the way to the dead end. Connect with Nature Have you ever been scrolling through social media and an image of nature grabs you? Brief visuals of nature can shift your perspective and elevate your ...

52 Ways to Nature  Washington

Details each activity along with related history, flora and fauna, and cultural notes Includes recommendations for different places to visit around the state to try the activity "Nature Notebook" journal prompts to inspire you to record and make the most of your adventures "Connect with Nature" ideas for experiential learning Organized by season, 52 Ways to Nature: Washington features immersive activities to keep you engaged with nature throughout the year. This twist on a Northwest guidebook offers ideas to get you outdoors and encourages you to keep track of those experiences through journal notes. Discover a geocache in your own neighborhood, drop a crab pot off a dock on Hood Canal, observe the northern lights through Goldendale’s hilltop telescope, or experience sledding paradise at Mount Rainier National Park. Newcomers and long-time residents alike will find new ways to revel in the natural world with the inspiring and accessible activities in 52 Ways to Nature: Washington.

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