Beauty Way

“No, I was walking the desert, actually looking for you. I saw Doyle pass by the Black Rock road on his way to the sinkhole and I figured you were with them.” “I got a ride out to the desert with some road crew going out to Soldier ...

Beauty Way

Charlie, a lonely Miami travel writer, takes a rockhounding journey to the northwestern Nevada wilderness to find solace after the death of Link, her writing partner. Alone in the vast Black Rock Desert, she has an "unexpected otherworldly visit" from Link, followed by a gift of two Clovis points that turn up in the white sands beneath her feet. Convinced that these arrowheads are conveying an important message, Charlie is drawn into a spiritual force which she follows into the world of the Dineh, and an adventure that is exciting, uplifting and at times dangerous. Meanwhile, Shash, a lonely Dineh elder traverses the Sandia Mountains of New Mexico. With him, he carries his worn leather medicine pouch filled with all the right prayers to satisfy the spirits, to help him lead his family back to the old ways, to the beauty way. BETTE RUSH has written for magazines in the United States, South America, Singapore and Tokyo, yet still finds time to pursue her favorite hobby, rockhounding. Her search for minerals has taken her to Virgin Valley, Nevada for opal mining, the top of Mount Antero in Colorado's Rockies to seek out aquamarines and the Pecos diamond fields of Roswell, New Mexico. Along the way, she has made many new best friends, and counts among them her present Dineh and Shoshone families. Her experiences led her to the writing of "Beauty Way" which is her second book. Her first was "Ovni-la Entera Verdad," a book about UFOs co-written with Harry Lebelson.

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