A Little Red Book about Source

source. adventure. A. little red book about source was first published in French in 2019, and then in German in Spring 2020. When the time came to offer it in Peter John Koenig's mother tongue, it was he, the “father” of the source ...

A Little Red Book about Source

Presented for the first time in book form, the source principles breathe energy, clarity and creativity into the development of every project. The source person is someone who gets an idea and then takes initiatives and risks to realize it. The source person's main task is clarifying what the next step in the development of the project should be. When she needs support, she invites other people to participate; they in turn become source of specific parts of the project. This is the way all our collectives are born. In life, people take on several source roles: the manager is invited to become the source of a team, the employee to be the source of her tasks, the musician to be the source of his performance, the sportswoman to be the source of her good condition. Wherever there's a project, there's a source. The source principles shine a light on the way we engage with our own initiatives. The clarity they offer boosts our dedication and our capacity to encourage those around us to embark on their own source itinerary. Source principles invite us to live out a more inspired management style, they stimulate our creative involvement, and they give new meaning to our professional and personal alliances.

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