Yeats Annual No 13

Art's story is simple and beautifully controlled. Feeling lonely and rejected, he was taken by Iosa to a huntsman's cottage at the far end of a Shadowy Glen where Iosa kissed his eyes so he would 'never be quite blind ...

Yeats Annual No  13

Yeats Annual is the leading international research-level journal devoted to the greatest twentieth-century poet in the English language. In this number there are new essays on Yeats's theatre by leading scholars such as Richard Allen Cave, Gregory N. Eaves and Masaru Sekine, while scholars from nine countries including Peter L. Caracciolo and Paul Edwards, Maneck H. Daruwala, William F. Halloran, Elisabeth Heine and Colleen MacKenna address such matters as 'Yeats and Maud Gonne: Marriage and the Astrological Record, 1908-9', Yeats's relations with Fiona Macleod and with Wyndham Lewis, the Ghost of Wordsworth, Philip Larkin and Seamus Heaney. There are new essays on A Vision , shorter bibliographical notes and reviews of ten new studies.

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