Taming the Untamed

Taming the Untamed: The first six chapters of the book in this new edition 3 are what used to be earlier the chapters of the book 'The Unanswered (Part I)'. Termed as 'Preliminary' here, it contains the major finds of the research such ...

Taming the Untamed

A must-read for astrologers and intriguing for astronomers who wish to explore the ancient stuff, the book has the author’s complete research work on the subject. The new edition three is divided in two parts. The first, ‘Preliminary’ part, has all the relevant six chapters of the author’s research on the 27 degrees ayanamsha mentioned in the Surya Siddhanta that earlier used to be in the old editions of ‘The Unanswered part I’. The second, ‘Mains’ part, resolves all the ambiguities associated with the ayanamsha puzzle and provides concrete solutions. Readers will learn about the basic revolution, the concept of nirayana in detail and how the figure of 4320K years yuga is valid apart from other related discussions. Being first in the world, it reveals certain important findings such as "how controversial oscillating ayana of 27 degree as mentioned in Surya Siddhantha is valid even when compared to modern astronomy?" and why it is called ayanamsa and not vishuwamsa? Additionally, it resolves the issue of Surya Siddhantha's longer year length and explains how it is calculated.

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