Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Activity Applications

Follow-through: Does not swing arm through and does not have weight forward. ... extension of the legs, no arm swing, transfers weight forward, contacts ball away from body, slants platform toward target, shoulders square to target.

Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Activity Applications

This book takes a learner-oriented approach as it strives to make complex material understandable and usable. By understanding the underlying principles of measurement and evaluation, readers will then be able to apply those principles and concepts in a variety of physical activity and health-related settings. Practical exercises and applications demonstrate the usefulness of measurement and evaluation, reinforce key points, and make readers active participants in their own education. The book is divided into three parts. Part One introduces the measurement process, showing readers the relevance of measurement and evaluation to their personal and professional lives, and including examples and statistics related to such concepts as validity, reliability, and objectivity. The two chapters in Part Two further help readers understand numbers and assist those who need to use more advanced statistical calculations. Part Three presents measurement and evaluation applications in various settings, such as measuring physical fitness; measuring exercise, physical activity, and health; measuring in competitive sports and coaching; measuring and evaluating knowledge and assigning grades; and measuring in research. Throughout, discussions and examples show the relevance and application of measurement and evaluation in various professions, including physical therapy, athletic training, fitness/wellness management, exercise and sport psychology, exercise science, coaching, and physical education.

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