Roman Cult Images

History of Rome, Volume VI: Books 23–25 and Volume VII: Books 26–27. Translated by Frank Gardner Moore. Loeb Classical Library 355 and 367. Cambridge, MA. 1940 and 1943. Livy. History of Rome, Volume X: Books 35–37 and Volume XI: Books ...

Roman Cult Images

A biography of how cult images functioned in Roman temples. It explores their creation, use, and eventual destruction.

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The volume offers a timely (re-)appraisal of Seleukid cultural dynamics. While the engagement of Seleukid kings with local populations and the issue of “Hellenization” are still debated, a movement away from the Greco-centric approach to the study of the sources has gained pace. Increasingly textual sources are read alongside archaeological
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The technical problems confronting different societies and periods, and the measures taken to solve them form the concern of this annual collection of essays. Volumes contain technical articles ranging widely in subject, time and region, as well as general papers on the history of technology. In addition to dealing with