Time After Time

One evening while I was resting in one of the lounges, Billy showed up with his usual smile and introduced me to the ... A Time for Everything The book of Ecclesiastes reads, “ There is a time for everything, and a season for every ...

Time After Time

What price would you pay to find hope and victory in the presence of your darkest moments? Nothing brings us to our knees more than hardships or ultimately the loss of a loved one. Pastor Denny Carr and his wife, Jan, have experienced the unspeakable: the death of their oldest child. It was through this tragic event that they discovered one profound truth: one can face, overcome, and move beyond all the pain agony, loneliness, heartbreak, hopelessness, desperation, and even death itself. Jesus Christ can move us from the darkness of despair to the light and comfort found in His presence. This true story shows that deep down, all of us want to believe and experience the supernatural. In our present-day culture, we are starving to find inner meaning, guidance, and purpose in life. This book was written as a tool that seeks to affirm what we are all searching for. We want to embrace truth, meaning, joy, assurance, and victory in the midst of tragedy and heartache. It can all happen for you as you read Time After Time.

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