Cicero Pro Caelio

Dorey, T. A. “Cicero, Clodia, and the Pro Caelio.” Greece and Rome 27 (2nd ser., 5) (1958) 175-180. Duckworth, G. E. The Nature of Roman Comedy: A Study in Popular Entertainment. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1952. Repr.

Cicero  Pro Caelio


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Drawing together contributions from scholars in a wide range of fields inside Classics and Drama, this volume traces the development of comedic performance and examines the different characteristics of Greek and Roman comedy. Although the origins of comedy are obscure, this study argues that comedic performances were at the heart
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Ancient philosophers considered question about laughter, humor, and comedy to be both philosophically interesting and important. They theorized about laughter and its causes, moralized about the appropriate uses of humor and what it is appropriate to laugh at, and wrote treaties on comedic composition. They were often merciless in ridiculing
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