Toby the Princess Warrior

Toby replied, “I bet my friend cannot tickle my tummy.” Gabriel said, “Oh yes, he can,” and he disappeared. Toby was in shock that the young man was gone. Toby wondered what just happened. As she was about to fall asleep she felt a ...

Toby the Princess Warrior

Toby, the princess warrior, this is a fantasy adventure about a princess with love in her heart. When Toby was sixteen, her father is killed in a battle. She finds out her sisters were plotting to have her killed, and she escapes before they are successful. The adventure begins when she leaves the kingdom to save her life. Toby finds herself in the middle of a battle and after gets a promise from a stranger that he would protect her and he disappears. Toby's adventure continues when she meets the little people, and she stays with them for many years. One day, a stranger tells her she needs to go back to her kingdom, and he disappears. While returning home, she meets Timothy and the wolves. She then has an encounter with a bear. When Toby returns, the whole kingdom is there to see her, and she finds out the horrible things her evil sisters did. She works hard to mend the relationship with her kingdom and the other kingdoms. Toby goes to church an finds out who the stranger is. Toby becomes a queen, finds her king, and they get married. During one of the escapes into the forest, Toby and the king see a vision on the stream of a cottage, and it disappears. Toby returns to the village to find out the little people are gone. She finds out the giants took her little friends, and she plans to recue them. So are you ready to go on this fantasy adventure with Toby?

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